We Help People Get Divorced Peacefully Without Going to Court

There’s more than one way to get a divorce.

Now couples can choose a cooperative, collaborative path instead of approaching a divorce as enemies. Many couples don’t want their parents’ divorce or their friend’s divorce. They want a respectful, private way to settle their differences without destroying their finances.

Collaborative divorce is a start-to-finish process that happens outside the courtroom. Collaborative lawyers and neutral experts meet with the couple to discover their goals, gather information, and help the couple reach an agreement that best meets their needs. Simple cases take less time, and complicated cases take longer, but the purpose is to provide an efficient, cost-effective process focused on settlement, not fighting.

Collaborative Divorce

No Court Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a new approach to resolving divorces outside the courtroom.
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Collaborative Divorce San Antonio is a group of lawyers, financial professionals, and mental health professionals who are committed to the collaborative process and want to share this groundbreaking concept with the general public.